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Have you ever tried the rice experiment?

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Have you ever tried the rice experiment? You may have heard of it if you are familiar with the concept of "water memory" introduced by Professor Emoto.

Here is first some basis information linked to this experience.

Professor Emoto became known through his books, his experiences, pictures and videos
concerning "water memory". Based on samples of frozen water, he managed to photograph crystals formed by water. And according to the quality, the provenance of the water, and the "messages" sent to the the water; the presence and the quality of the crystals are completely different.

Tap water almost never gives crystals while the natural water (spring water) does.

But the most surprising has appeared when he wrote on bottles of water positive or negative messages (he did experiment several languages), and he could observe the influence of these on the appearance and quality of the crystals; the words "love" and "gratitude" giving the most beautiful crystals, distinct ones depending on the language used. He did study the effect of prayer, music, microwaves, or other influences on water. He has published the pictures obtained in his books or on the net.

Actually the adult human body is composed by 70% water, and our food contain a very large proportion of it.

If it is possible to influence water quality through messages, intents, music, absence of micro-wave; this influence applies equally to our food, our body, and the effect of some of our thoughts and actions on ourself, our surrounding and our environment.

It's important to note that in the experiment explained below, it has been demonstrated that a negative influence is less harmful than indifference.

So what is this "Rice experiment”?

Anyone can easily reproduce it at home and repeatedly.
Take 2 small glass jars with lids thoroughly washed. Next time you cook rice (only white), draw 2-3 tablespoons of cooked rice and put them in each jar to fill roughly a quarter or a third party.
You close them tightly. On the first jar you mark a message with a positive intent (I love you, thank you, or drawing of a heart .... everyone makes it his own way). On the second jar you mark a message with a negative intent (I'm hating you, you're crazy, ....).
Place the jars in the same room with similar lighting and at a reasonable distance from each other.
Each day, spend a few moments to feel for each jar the intent for which he was dedicated.
After a few days or weeks, you will see that the rice that receives good intents, keeps perfectly well at room temperature and without sterilization. The control jar will blacken and rot fairly quickly.
Initially the one receiving negative intents (or nothing), is primarily used as control jar as to realize, by comparison, the power of the experiment. If the experiment was successful at the first time, and you decide to repeat, this control jar is no more indispensable. Or, in any case, it is better not to send any negative intent, you will understand why by yourself.

This experience is particularly impressive for rational minds: those who must see to believe. It requires, however, to consider believing in it, and to realize it with real positive intents. If you do not consider this as possible, and want to prove that it is not, then it's likely the result you'll get.
The intents sent to the rice must indeed be real, pure, otherwise it does not get the expected result. Daily exercise helps to achieve it.

If the experiment is successful, it is worthwhile to repeat it. First to prove that it has not succeeded by chance. But also to better understand the process intuitively, because with experience, the result will improve. If the positively influenced rice stays ok a few more days or few weeks in a first experiment, it can maintain its original appearance several months or more in a second one, even in summer when the temperature reaches above 25 ° C indoors, day or night.

We are used to know that cooked rice, kept refrigerated in a closed pot begins to show signs of mold after a few days. Achieving maintaining the rice white for over two weeks and then for several months, at room temperature, defies common sense.

Intents that give the best results seem to be love and gratitude. Of course it needs to feel able to experience "love" for a pot of rice. But it can be learned precisely because it is part of a broader paradigm shift for our own lives and the life as a whole.
Once the experience appears to be positive, it becomes much easier to feel grateful for the pot of rice.
For what this experience brings to everyone, goes much further than the application of a small scientific and culinary recipe.

This experiment is extraordinary rich about the effect it achieves on the one who undertakes it. This is not simply a matter of observing facts. Its influence also appears in our conception of reality. Our consciousness is thereby transformed. Daily practice shows us better and better how to find the right intent, how to reach the heart.
Living this experiment also shows us how far we all are connected, everything is linked. Rice, oneself, others, plants and animals, objects, and all that we are not aware of the existence, but that is there.

Our thoughts, our attitudes, our behaviours, our words are all involved. When we are led to see the effect of our thoughts, intents and messages on rice, we understand that everything we do towards ourselves, towards others and towards our environment, implies consequences, and vice versa. If we are to live responsibly and make a path of evolution, it appears as necessary to live more conscious and consistent at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, affective, relational, social, citizen.

This experience guides to find the right enthusiasm, the good intents, to reconnect to the heart.
This allows us to do it for all our projects.
Initially very practical, it quickly appears to take a more psychological, philosophical or spiritual direction.
Beyond an intellectual understanding, it is a truly valuable experience. Knowing its existence may arise interest, but only living it can be a real initiation.

Highly recommended for everyone.

For further information, some short videos can be found on the net via a good search engine.

Claire De Brabander
Brussels 15/09/2010
Translation December 2011

This text has been written originally in French and has been translated by the author (who is French speaking). The translation quality is therefore not guaranteed. Don't hesitate to report any error. See more details here.

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