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This website, and most of the texts making part of it have been translated by the author (who is french speaking) with the help of many different translation options from internet.
But there are certainly still mistakes or lacks of style.
I hope you can nevertheless understand and enjoy the reading of it.

Don't hesitate to contact me by email to send me any corrections you would suggest, or to communicate any other problem you would encounter.
I would appreciate it very much, so as to ameliorate the quality of the content of all the texts proposed here.

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Claire De Brabander
Brussels - December 2011

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New 09/2021

- Ecological footprint and passive violence

- You are the placebo
- The qualities of our defects
- Presentation of Voluntary Simplicity
- From fear to peace
- Our own violence
- Argumentation and power relation
- Your thinking is not you
- Another look at dementia and at the preservation of youth
- I think, therefore I am ...
not following anymore

- Our convenience
- The rice experiment
- From opposition to non-violence

- Morphic fields
- A plate for our health, the one of the planet and of all its inhabitants

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Stories & Tales :

- The Story of the Hummingbird
- The wolf you feed
- Following or not following
- Stones, pebbles and sand
- Wisdom of Lao Tseu
- Autobiography in 5 Short Chapters
- Mexican fisherman
- The boiled frog



June 2020

* CONF Economy and human dignity

- Footprint
- A definition of sustainable degrowth
- 10 first tips to get into resistance with the degrowth


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