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Be the change you want to see in the World " Gandhi

I think, therefore I am ... not following anymore.
To follow, or not to follow: that becomes the question.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Einstein

"We're gonna change the World by changing ourselves. I don't believe that you can really change the World outside until you change the World inside yourself. And I really do believe that love, if you really have love in your being, then it's very difficult to be unkind or cruel to another person or the planet. And I think, I really believe that we, as a species mankind, we really need to live from our heart more. And when that happens we will stop being destructive to each other and destructive to the planet. But we've lost touch with that, and that's how we can commit such cruelty to each other and the planet we live on .
Rodger Hodgson - The voice of Supertramp

* *

As long as we proceed internally (both with the reason and with the heart), the same way that the problems we are trying to solve, at any scale, we will only perpetuate them.

From the moment we change ourselves within, and in depth, not only are we able to change things around us, but our new attitudes, inherently, also influence others to change.

* *

This site provides a basic overview of the concept.

Articles complete or offer various theories that support the idea of changing oneself to change the World, or by offering information or means for this purpose.

The stories and tales have the same goal, pushing beyond the rational, to better reach the heart. Some of them are more powerful than all the arguments in the World.

The page "to discover" also refers to texts written by others, and to some books and websites pointing at the same direction.

For those who feel directly concerned by this approach for both citizens' and inner change, and who feel rather alone in this process, the page "let's meet" could open a door to join our motivations in a joyful, creative and collaborative way.

* *

Change oneself could change the World. This is obvious to some, still rather rare, it remains an idea to dig for others, and it is rather a crazy idea for the majority. It does not start by making the choice to change oneself. This choice only occurs once we reach a certain stage of change. We then become conscious of it's impact beyond ourselves, and we can consciously choose to accompany this change, while trying to contact those who are on a similar way. The site is therefore aimed for those who are there. And this does not preclude of course, that other persons may be interested. May everyone take what can stimulate, motivate, help on his or her way.


Claire De Brabander



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Articles :

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not following anymore

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Stories & Tales :

- The Story of the Hummingbird
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- Following or not following
- Stones, pebbles and sand
- Wisdom of Lao Tseu
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June 2020

* CONF Economy and human dignity

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