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Are you on your way to becoming the change
you want to see in the world?

Then let's meet.


If you're one of those who swim against the tide;
If you know it's vain to try to convince anyone around you to follow you in the process of reducing our ecological footprint and evolve in our mentality;
If you feel alone at the margins of this world of consumers, of people who only speak to each other through social networks and rarely raise their head from their smartphone;
If activism no longer seems sufficient, or even appropriate in today's world..;
If you know that change cannot come through politicians that are either powerless or not yet ready to take the direction that leads to it;

But above all..:
If you are doing a personal development work and actively work to quit certain problematic behaviors and conditionings and take alternative paths;
If you conceive the link between this work and your responsibility as a citizen in the world as it is today;
If you feel alone in this process;

Then let's meet. We will certainly have things to talk about.

Let's meet to help each other in this evolution, by exchanging our knowledge and information, by supporting and encouraging each other, by creating conviviality, and join our motivations and creativity to move forward and make the new realities more palpable, and to see and experience that what we each do in our own corner is far from being illusory.

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